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Discover Flowmon: Your cybersecurity and network performance ally

Welcome to the world of Flowmon, a leading name in the realm of cybersecurity and network performance. Flowmon's suite of advanced solutions is tailored to empower organizations seeking to stay ahead in today's ever-evolving threat landscape and demanding network environments.

At the core of Flowmon's offerings lies a commitment to reducing risk and enhancing resilience across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. With a blend of intelligent network visibility and robust security monitoring, Flowmon equips businesses with the tools to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats with unparalleled efficiency. This includes uncovering ransomware attacks, identifying unknown threats, and addressing incidents of compromise before they impact operations.

Flowmon's state-of-the-art solutions, fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, enable organizations to analyze malicious activities and investigate root causes swiftly. Moreover, Flowmon facilitates autonomous responses that enhance threat containment and eradication. Beyond this, the platform aids in the collection, storage, and retrieval of network security data, empowering businesses to conduct in-depth forensic analysis for bolstered cybersecurity resilience.

With Flowmon by your side, you'll gain comprehensive visibility into your network, helping you troubleshoot issues, monitor performance indicators, and identify anomalies with ease. By eliminating visibility blind spots and normalizing data from diverse environments, Flowmon ensures you have a unified source of truth for both your network and security teams.

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Features and benefits

Flowmon has been recognized as a Technology Leader in Network Detection and Response, providing exceptional capabilities for the detection of network threats and response mechanisms.

icon Scalable and cost-effective
Scalable and cost-effective
Flowmon offers limitless scalability with a futureproof flow-based engine, delivering detailed insights comparable to packet-based solutions at a fraction of the resource requirements.
icon Works in any environment
Works in any environment
Flowmon can be deployed quickly, even within 30 minutes, and offers world-class support.
icon Visibility into every branch
Visibility into every branch
Eliminate visibility blind spots by analyzing data from diverse environments, including virtual, on-premises, edge, and cloud traffic, in one place.
icon Enhances security, operations, and efficiency
Enhances security, operations, and efficiency
Detect ransomware, insider threats, and respond swiftly with automated packet capture and root-cause analysis, ensuring network transparency and efficiency.
Progress Flowmon

Solutions and products

Explore Flowmon's range of solutions and products designed to provide comprehensive insights and empower your network management and security strategies.

Security solutions:

  • Ransomware Detection
  • Unknown Threat Detection
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis
  • Anomalies and ML Behavior Analysis
  • Compliance & Regulation

Network performance monitoring and visibility (NPMD) solutions:

  • Network Monitoring and Visibility
  • Cloud Application Performance
  • NetFlow / IPFIX Monitoring
  • End-user Experience Monitoring
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