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Our API security solutions help to understand and mitigate the unique vulnerabilities and security risks of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Complete and proactive API security solutions

APIs are quickly moving to the top of the list of application threat vectors. That’s because of the lack of API management integration among teams and inadequate security controls within most API gateways. Managing and securing your APIs need to be as agile as your DevOps.

API management and security

Security, performance, and scale for any delivery model

Nomios provides comprehensive solutions which include API management, high-performance API gateways, and advanced security controls, which creates operational efficiencies. Regardless of your architecture, Nomios has the right solution to deliver the speed and security as your applications require.

icon Complete, real-time inventory of APIs
Complete, real-time inventory of APIs
More than a number, discover API with full context including applied API security controls, data classification, internet connectivity, and more.
icon Proactive remediation of API misconfigurations
Proactive remediation of API misconfigurations
Our API security solutions detect and remediate management and configuration issues before they become a problem.
icon Block API attacks
Block API attacks
AI-based engine detects and automatically blocks runtime API attacks keeping your business safe from data theft, fraud, and business logic abuse.
icon Secure API SDLC
API-specific security testing for DevOps that integrates into the tools your team is already using.
icon Faster incident MTTR
Faster incident MTTR
Detect and remediate API security incidents faster to shorten exposure windows and improve operational efficiencies.
icon Single source of truth
Single source of truth
No more siloed views of APIs. Aggregated API details provide dynamic visibility with context for IT, security, compliance, and business teams.
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