Private LTE networks

More coverage, capacity and control in your business' network.

Private 4G (and in the future 5G) connectivity, will be of major importance for several sectors, such as transport, healthcare, energy, industry and many more. Private LTE is based on technologies developed for wide-area mobility and scaled down to be deployable by private organisations to create their own ecosystems.

Organisations that can generate the greatest benefit from Private LTE have use cases that are not supported on public networks. When deployed as private networks, organisations can take advantage of the full LTE feature set to configure and optimise the network. In general, Private LTE networks are designed with machine communications as the primary user in mind. Nevertheless, other primary reasons can be at the base of considering a private network, such as:

  • Coverage
  • Capacity
  • Control

Our specialists in the telecommunications sector offer the insight and tools to help your company identify the opportunities of Private LTE networks, maximize growth and prevent possible pitfalls. From mobile broadband to network infrastructure to the evolution of devices, we give you access to professionals with valuable, hands-on experience.


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