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Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) brings intelligence, agility, and third-party app support to RAN, reducing costs and complying with O-RAN specs.

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The Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller

The Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) empowers the radio access network (RAN) with intelligence, agility, and programmability. It enables third-party applications, enhancing service experiences, reducing infrastructure costs, and introducing new business models.

Built on a cloud-native microservices architecture, the Juniper RIC platform fully adheres to O-RAN Alliance specifications and interfaces. It comprises the Non-Real-Time (Non-RT) RIC, the Near-Real-Time (Near-RT) RIC, and specialized rApps and xApps applications. This open and interoperable platform seamlessly interfaces with any O-RAN-compliant Central Unit (O-CU) and Distributed Unit (O-DU).

Moreover, the Juniper RIC supports an open API and an SDK, facilitating integration with third-party O-RAN-compliant xApps and rApps. This flexibility allows network operators to choose from a diverse range of suppliers and tailor their network services accordingly. Additionally, the platform incorporates advanced AI/ML support, further enhancing its capabilities for intelligent network management and optimization.

Juniper RIC

Features and benefits

The Juniper RIC aligns with O-RAN specifications and interfaces both northbound and southbound, facilitating seamless integration with various Open RAN ecosystem partner solutions. It effortlessly interfaces with O-RAN-compliant O-CU/O-DU, supports third-party O-RAN-compliant xApps/rApps, and integrates with any O-RAN-compliant Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) solution.

Juniper's RIC architecture offers flexible integration options with third-party applications and systems through an open API and an SDK. When creating xApps/rApps, developers can opt for a network-based API, eliminating compile-time dependencies, or leverage the C++ SDK for seamless development.

Juniper's RIC platform utilizes a cloud-native, microservices-based, containerized architecture, ensuring enhanced scalability and extensibility. It caters to both SaaS and on-premises deployment models, offering flexibility in implementation.

Juniper actively supports and advocates for Open RAN through its participation in multiple industry and standards organizations. Within the O-RAN Alliance, Juniper contributes to seven of the 11 working groups, including chairing the Network Slicing Task Group and co-chairing the Use Case Task Group. Additionally, Juniper plays a crucial role as an editor and contributor to various specification documents.

Juniper, in collaboration with its partners, offers a range of advanced xApps/rApps for the Juniper RIC. These applications include Tenant/Slice Aware Admission Control, RAN Slice SLA Assurance, Energy Efficiency, Traffic Steering, and Self-Organizing Networks (SON) capabilities. Additionally, the Juniper RIC is compatible with third-party xApps/rApps from esteemed providers such as Parallel Wireless and AirHop.

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