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What is a SOAR ?

A SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) tool is a centralised system that manages IT security information, processes it and offers automated responses tailored to each situation. TEHTRIS recognises the importance of this technology in achieving effective cybersecurity, which is why we have implemented a SOAR solution. This implementation brings intelligent speed, enhanced response capabilities, and streamlines operational processes.

Pre-configured playbooks that can be customised

The TEHTRIS SOAR tool comes with pre-configured playbooks that can be customised to suit your requirements. These playbooks contain automated actions, ranging from direct neutralisation of malicious objects to more intricate tasks such as launching additional investigations. By utilising these pre-configured playbooks generated by workflow engines, you gain improved reactive capabilities to effectively handle security events. All playbooks are readily available upon installation of SOAR and can be easily configured to align with your infrastructure needs.


Why choose SOAR?

icon Operational efficiency with faster MTTR (Mean Time To Respond)
Operational efficiency with faster MTTR (Mean Time To Respond)
icon Immediate availability of the SOAR thanks to its native integration with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform
Immediate availability of the SOAR thanks to its native integration with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform
icon Ultra-smart and customisable response procedures (playbooks)
Ultra-smart and customisable response procedures (playbooks)

TEHTRIS SOAR: Revolutionising cyber analysis with advanced automation

In the realm of cybersecurity, automation through the TEHTRIS SOAR solution is the cornerstone of an effective and intelligent strategy. It empowers companies and organisations to unlock numerous benefits required to handle the massive volume of data. Here's how TEHTRIS SOAR enhances your cybersecurity posture:

  • Rapid response: In the face of security events, the speed and accuracy of actions are paramount. With the SOAR's playbooks and advanced technological capabilities, we enable swift data centralisation, support, and response to cyber incidents.
  • Enhanced efficiency: TEHTRIS SOAR significantly boosts operational efficiency by automating mundane security procedures, freeing up your team's time to focus on critical events that demand their expertise. Additionally, it aids your Security Operations Center (SOC) by aggregating and validating data from diverse sources, helping analysts contextualise incidents and make well-informed decisions.
  • Dependable and tailored operations: Automation minimises the risk of human error, which persists regardless of your security team's expertise. Moreover, it mitigates alert fatigue by continuously monitoring for traces, ensuring that no details are missed amidst complexity.

By harnessing the power of automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and active defence agents, TEHTRIS SOAR can swiftly respond to any cybersecurity event, 24/7, without human intervention. The responses from the playbooks are carefully calibrated to the severity of the attack, triggered only with a high degree of certainty of compromise, and impose appropriate countermeasures on attacking tools.

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