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When outsourcing the support or management of IT infrastructure or security, ensure alignment with goals and results. Discover how Nomios' strategic partnership delivers business-wide outcomes.

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Secure Service Edge

Secure Service Edge (SSE) is a network security framework that primarily focuses on enhancing security for accessing cloud-based services and applications. It revolves around implementing robust security measures at the network's edge to safeguard data and users when they connect to cloud resources. SSE prioritises strengthening security, especially for remote and mobile users accessing cloud applications.

Secure Services Edge

Why Nomios?

Nomios stands out for organisations diving into SSE solutions. Our deep technical expertise and industry insights ensure the effective integration and management of sophisticated SSE technologies. By working with various partners, we match cutting-edge technology with your organisational goals, fine-tuning network architectures and bolstering security frameworks to meet your needs.

Our cybersecurity specialisation equips your organisation to robustly defend against evolving threats, safeguarding your digital assets. Our broad expertise is essential in optimising SSE deployment, minimising latency, and enhancing network performance, crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With Nomios, you get more than just SSE solutions; you gain a partner that provides strategic counsel, extensive post-implementation support, and imparts critical skills to your IT team, ensuring your network environment is not only secure but also efficient and future-ready.

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SSE, a game changer in network security and access

Together these features create a robust security framework, especially important for large organisations and enterprises.

Cloud-native architecture

SSE solutions are built for the cloud, ensuring scalability and flexibility in managing network traffic and security.

Zero Trust Network Access

ZTNA enforces the principle of "never trust, always verify", providing secure access to applications based on user identity and context.

Data protection & loss prevention

SSE offers advanced data protection, including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to safeguard sensitive information from leaks or unauthorised access.

Threat prevention

It actively identifies and mitigates various cyber threats, leveraging advanced technologies like sandboxing and antivirus protection.

Secure Web Gateway

SWG provides safe and compliant internet access, filtering unwanted software/malware from user-initiated web/internet traffic.

Firewall as a Service

SSE includes cloud-based firewall services (FWaaS) for comprehensive network traffic inspection and filtering.

A flexible, integrated, and efficient approach

Secure Services Edge (SSE) offers a flexible, integrated, and efficient approach to networking and security. Its benefits range from enhanced protection and simplified management to cost savings and support for modern IT practices such as remote work and cloud computing. Adopting SSE can align with an organisation's strategic goals and provide a robust framework for navigating the complex and dynamic landscape of today's digital business environment.

icon Enhanced management in distributed environments
Enhanced management in distributed environments
Streamlines administration and boosts security through centralised management, making it easier to enforce policies across dispersed environments.
icon Improved performance and reduced latency
Improved performance and reduced latency
By placing security and network functions closer to users, SSE enhances network performance and minimises latency, adopting an edge-centric approach.
icon Robust security risk management
Robust security risk management
SSE ensures efficient and consistent security by positioning essential controls near the network edge, effectively mitigating various security risks.
icon Scalability and agility:
Scalability and agility:
The cloud-based nature of SSE allows for rapid adjustments in resources to cater to user needs, making networks more adaptable and scalable.
icon Optimised user experience:
Optimised user experience:
SSE enhances network speed and reduces delays, ensuring secure access to applications and a superior user experience regardless of location.
icon Simplified management of security and networking
Simplified management of security and networking
By integrating various security and networking functionalities into a unified system, SSE reduces complexity and enables easier policy management and enforcement from a central point.
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