WaaS Wi-Fi as a Service

With Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS), you have access to a reliable and future-proof Wi-Fi network that is always available anywhere. There are no upfront investments and no complex maintenance.

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The dependency on Wi-Fi networks is increasing, and the complexity of these networks is growing with it. Wi-Fi technology is evolving rapidly, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing an increasingly important role. Often, companies do not have the resources in-house to keep up with all of this. That's why more and more companies are choosing Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS), so they can be assured of a Wi-Fi network that meets today's requirements and is future-proof.

WaaS is offered as a service, so companies do not have to buy, install, and maintain physical products themselves. By subscribing to a Wi-Fi service, you don't have to worry about the investment (CapEx) and complexity of managing your own Wi-Fi network. Your monthly/annual costs are known (OpEx), and you can easily scale your Wi-Fi network up or down as your needs change.

Outsourcing your Wi-Fi network does not mean you have no insight into it anymore. Through a dashboard, you have 24/7 visibility into the status of your Wi-Fi networks. We also agree on service KPIs and evaluate regularly to assess the situation and track the developments.

Wi-Fi as a Service

Six benefits of WaaS

icon No upfront investment
No upfront investment
No capital investment (CapEx) is required, eliminating budget uncertainty with fixed monthly operational costs (OpEx). This helps with effective resource planning.
icon Scalability
WaaS can be easily scaled up as the company's needs grow. Companies can easily add or remove additional access points to meet demand.
icon Better security
Better security
By bringing in Wi-Fi as a Service, you also have immediate access to the expertise and resources to secure networks against external threats. This means you benefit from better security than when managing your own Wi-Fi network.
icon Managed service
Managed service
With WaaS, you don't have to worry about managing and maintaining your Wi-Fi network. We are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the network. This frees up your time and resources for other important business activities.
icon Improved performance
Improved performance
With WaaS, you use the latest technologies, which improves the performance of your network. This results in faster, more reliable Wi-Fi connections and a better user experience for employees and customers.
icon Better monitoring en reporting
Better monitoring en reporting
You benefit from better monitoring and reporting of your Wi-Fi network. We collect data on the usage of your network and identify issues before they become critical.

Why choose Wi-Fi as a Service from Nomios?

Our strength lies in our flexibility and focus on developing customised solutions for our customers. With our expertise in networking and cybersecurity, your Wi-Fi network is in reliable hands. Together, we will look at your processes and requirements to find the best WaaS solution.

We are not dependent on a fixed Wi-Fi partner. We advise you independently of brand and together we will determine which Wi-Fi solution best suits your situation.

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